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The ProBatter PX2 at Hittersbox during the Post-Season | Sports & Recreation

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The ProBatter PX2 at Hittersbox during the Post-Season

Hittersbox Baseball Academy, located in the Duluth neighborhood, is in the business of making fantasy simulation baseball dreams come true. Finally, playoff fever has come to Atlanta, once again, as the Braves make another run at a World Series title. And who among us has not fantasized what it would be like to be a major league ballplayer -- stepping into the batter's box and facing the best arms in the game?

Fantasy becomes reality with the ProBatter PX2 baseball simulator, and we invite you to see if you have what it takes to square off against big league-level pitching!  Similar in concept to an aircraft flight simulator, the ProBatter allows hitters to face the life-sized image of a pitcher on a video screen -- with an actual ball being delivered at speeds up to 100 mph!

Used for training by pro teams including the New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox, New York Mets, Cleveland Indians, Pittsburgh Pirates and Cincinnati Reds, the ProBatter system combines the latest video and computer technology to almost perfectly duplicate the experience of facing live pitching.

The ProBatter PX2 will be at Hittersbox throughout the entire duration of the MLB post season. The Hittersbox Baseball Academy is located at 2150 Boggs Road in Duluth.

For more information visit   www.probatter.com & www.hittersbox.com.  

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