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Staying Calm Amidst the Storms of Life

Staying Calm Amidst the Storms of Life


There are so many storms in life.

Within a few months span my husband and I moved with our three teens from OH to GA (think culture shock here).  We lost our friends and our foundation went from being rock solid to quick sand  (think white water rafting here).   The kids changed schools (think fear here).  I stopped working my business (think identity crisis here).  Then, my Dad was diagnosed with cancer and my parents moved in with us.  (yes, think overload here.)

It’s not just me.

Fernbank Museum Hosts Island Adventure Night at Martinis & IMAX to Celebrate New Galapagos Film

Fernbank’s Martinis & IMAX® Makes Science Sizzle during Island Adventure Night


Just when you mistakenly thought Charles Darwin was a 19th-century bearded scientist with his nose stuck in a journal, Fernbank’s Martinis & IMAX® reveals that naturalists like Darwin live at the mercy of their adventurous spirit. Join Fernbank, along with “ship’s captain” Big Mike Geier and his musical crew from Tongo Hiti, for this special Island Adventure night of Martinis & IMAX® on September 30, 2011, from 6:30 p.m.

Tracking programs created to bring jobs to Georgia

Tracking programs created to bring jobs to Georgia

ATLANTA -- With Georgia's unemployment rate remaining in double digits, 11Alive journalists are busy digging into three programs that promised to create jobs.

One of them is the federal stimulus program.

According to the state's Stimulus Accountability website, the federal government has granted Georgia approximately $3.2 billion in stimulus funds. Georgia's unemployment rate was around 8.8 percent just prior to the start of the stimulus program. Two years later, unemployment has risen to the current rate of 10.1 percent.

Where are the stimulus jobs?

In Paulding County, the stimulus program is getting mixed reviews.

Paulding County has received approximately $46 million in federal stimulus funds. The unemployment rate there was 6 percent in 2008 before the stimulus program. Unemployment in Paulding has risen to its current rate of 10.6 percent.

The Duluth Holiday Inn Gets a Stylish Makeover and unveils "the Hub"

The Duluth Holiday Inn Gets a Stylish Makeover and unveils "the Hub"

I know what you’re thinking: I live in Atlanta – why would I need to visit the Holiday Inn in Duluth? Maybe you’re planning on seeing a concert or a Gwinnett Gladiators hockey game at Gwinnett Arena and won’t want to drive home afterward. Or maybe you just want to check out their delightful renovation – the first of its kind in the world!

As part of a million-dollar rebranding, Holiday Inn is connecting to guests in a more social way – with a concept they’re calling The Hub. The Holiday Inn at Gwinnett Center is the first-ever of the Holiday Inn hotels to try out this new concept, and I was excited to get to preview it last week. Here’s what you’ll find when you visit:

Read the full version at my blog 365Atlanta.com

Hundreds hiring Thursday as Ga. jobless rate rises

Hundreds hiring Thursday as Ga. jobless rate rises

ATLANTA -- Thousands of jobseekers descended on the campus of Atlanta Metropolitan College on Atlanta's south side to attend a day-long job fair hosted by U.S. Representatives John Lewis and Hank Johnson.

Coca-Cola, Comcast and Gwinnett County Schools were among nearly 100 companies looking to hire at the fair at the fair, which ended at 5 p.m.

Traffic for the Congressional Black Caucus job fair stretched for blocks around the campus, and fire/rescue officials said at least eight people suffered from heat-related illnesses while waiting in line. 

People were not permitted to enter the campus for the job fair after about 2:30 p.m., according to the Atlanta Fire Department's Jolyon Bundridge.

ACP to hold Martial Arts Exhibition to promote peace

ACP to hold Martial Arts Exhibition to promote peace

DULUTH – On August 19, the Association of Chinese Professionals will serve as hosts to a Martial Arts troupe from Bejing who have won national or world titles in the past ten years.

The show will be performed by some of the best martial arts athletes in China. The athletes will be first-boxing, Taichi, sparring and other type of martial arts. Organizers say the event will “showcase traditional and modern martial arts which will reflect the spirit of harmony and health, and enable attendees to feel the charm of Wushu and to appreciate Chinese culture”.

This will be the troupe’s third show of their tour that is being held to “promote friendship and peace between China and the United States of America”. The troupe will also perform in Washington D.C. and the General Assembly Hall of the United Nations in New York City.

Tickets can be purchased at the Perimeter Church at 9500 Medlock Bridge Road in Duluth.

JOHNS CREEK: Bigger numbers are better at PGA

JOHNS CREEK, Ga. -- Normally, of course, lower numbers are better in the game of golf.

But at the 93rd PGA Championship now underway in Johns Creek, higher numbers are often better for the community.

First of all, people...lots of them.

About 50,000 are expected to show up each day for a total of more than 200,000 spectators by Sunday.

They'll be bringing in lots of money -- an estimated $50 million to the local economy.

Twelve-year-old entrepreneur Adam Steinichen was raking in some of that cash on Thursday as he and a partner sold cold drinks out of their backpacks to thirsty spectators in the parking lot.

"We've been here about an hour, and we've probably made almost $100 just off Gatorades and water," he said.

The PGA also means adding even more vehicles to the estimated 50,000 that travel Medlock Bridge Road each day.