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Eddie Owen expects to find musical talent in Duluth | News

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Eddie Owen expects to find musical talent in Duluth

DULUTH, Ga. -- You can feel Eddie Owen's excitement about his new venture
in downtown Duluth at the Red Clay Theatre.

"The sky's the limit as far as what we can do stage-wise in terms of
the kinds of acts," Owen said. "The building is big. It's 13,600 square feet. I don't
know if there's a 250-seat theater in the world that sounds this good. I'm
serious. It is so sweet. It's almost like a field of dreams kind of thing."

If you build it, they will come. It's how he feels about what he's creating in downtown Duluth with Eddie Owens Presents at the Red Clay Theatre.

"I think this whole thing has so much potential to have impact and
imprint to be so much bigger than Eddie Owen and so much bigger than Eddie's
Attic and bigger than anything that I've been a part of that could last a long
time," he said.

Eddie Owen is a songwriter, singer and guitar player who says his goal
is simple.

"That's been my goal forever, putting on things that don't suck," he said with a laugh.

Jokes aside, he's certainly successful at his goal.

Decatur, first with Trackside Tavern, then Eddie's Attic, he helped provided
the venue to help launch music careers.

"Some of the stories that I've been a part of have been phenomenal," Owen said.

He's helped provide music venues for artists such as John Mayer, Shawn Mullins and the Indigo Girls.

He expects to get more of those feelings with the talent that will come
through Duluth and Red Clay Theatre, but he wants to do more with the help of a public/private partnership

"With the city (of Duluth) owning the building and with the vision of
creating an activity center that's all day, every day, it's going to enhance
the downtown area," he said.


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