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Vet clinic employee accused of stealing pet painkillers | News

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Vet clinic employee accused of stealing pet painkillers

DULUTH, Ga. -- After only one day on the job, a Decatur woman was fired from an animal clinic and arrested for stealing pain killers that were meant to be given to people's pets. Police said her actions could have seriously harmed cats and dogs.

Tifani Collins, 25, is charged with Aggravated Cruelty to Animals, Theft by Taking and Possession of a Dangerous Drug. She was hired to work in the surgery room at Planned Pethood in Duluth. On her first day on the job an alert employee suspected her of tampering with pain killer medication given to animals after they are spayed or neutered.

After surgery pet owners are given Tramadol, a prescription narcotic, to give to their pets during recovery. Police accused Collins of taking pills out prescription bottles for herself. They say she just didn't steal the medication, but replaced it with a human drug of her own. "
She went to an area where she really had no business being and then we checked the medicines later and they had been switched,"
said Planned Pethood Director Elizabeth Burgner.

According to a Duluth Police Department incident report Collins took the drugs from a front desk they were dispensed from. "The prescriptions were on the front desk for a short time before Collins took the prescriptions to a back room and began checking them for correct dosage," the report said.

Burgner said that was not part of her job duties and she should have not been in control of the prescriptions.

Burgner said Collins had a background check and was recommended by other pet clinics where she worked with animals. She wouldn't speculate on Collins motivation to switch the medications. "That's the part that concerns me most is that if she had personal issues, I feel sorry for her," she said. "The fact that she would jeopardize an animal's health for her own needs is what worries me the most."

Burgner said when she confronted Collins about the switch in medications, she denied doing it.

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