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Saving Money the Old Fashioned Way | News

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Saving Money the Old Fashioned Way

Duluth -- Today's Ways to Save tip comes from a member of the 11alive staff.

"This is $50 worth of quarters right here," Photojournalist Stephen Boissy said as he proudly displayed the savings account he is starting for his three month old daughter, Bethany.   Boissy spends evenings at home rolling loose change, which he and wife Christy have been saving in a plastic bucket.

"This year I decided since we have a daughter we should start a bank account for her," he said.

Boissy said he would rather roll his coins himself than pay the close to ten percent fee change counters at grocery stores charge. Many of the machines will give customers gift cards to various stores for free, but Boissy said he would rather take his rolled coins to the bank. "I'd rather have the cash. Cold hard cash," he said.

Boissy said he doesn't mind if people consider him old fashioned. He said he also uses a rabbit ear antenna for his television rather than pay for cable, subscribes to a daily newspapers, and frequently hand writes letters which he mails through the U.S Postal Service along with his bills.


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