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Photo Gallery | Variety of Georgia Gives Gift of Mobility to Area Girl, 3

On December 3, Variety of Georgia gave the gift of mobility to Hayden McCurdy, as she received a custom adaptive bike. Diagnosed with Angelman syndrome, Hayden is a bright, three-year-old girl who lights up any room she enters.

Angelman syndrome is a neuro-genetic disorder characterized by intellectual and developmental delays, sleep disturbances, seizures, jerky movements, frequent laughter or smiling and a happy demeanor. Though Hayden is not able to speak, and has been unable walk independently for the majority of her life, she enjoys play like any other child. Her parents and her sister are quite active, and Hayden has the same drive and desire to be outside and mobile.

The mobility bike from Variety of Georgia helps Hayden continue to realize her goals of keeping up with her peers and enjoying the outdoors with her family. Recently, she was loaned a mobility bike for a month and enjoyed using it to play with her sister and the rest of her family. According to her physical therapist, she has made tremendous progress with the mobility bike. Namely, Hayden has made great strides in her pre-walking abilities and has gained a lot of vertical alignment stability; she is now even able to walk several steps on her own. With the confidence of being mobile, her overall disposition has also improved since using the bike.

To date, Variety of Georgia has given 38 mobility bikes to deserving children and organizations across the state. In 2011 alone, the organization estimates it has impacted over 3,000 children through its donations.

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